Daniel Gorny

Reiki Master, Massage Therapist FL #MA93233

FL #MM40153

Dan was born in Moscow, Russia. He started his college education learning mechanical engineering, then after arriving to the United States, began exploring various study venues in psychology, philosophy, economics. As he worked at the stock/commodity brokerage firm, he would set up a massage table in the office and treat his fellow traders to stress relieving massage during lunch. Dan had always been fascinated by human anatomy and the way human body functions, mysteriously bringing all its systems into balance when provided the proper environment.


The energetic aspect of human body became his prime interest. In 2006, he received Level 1 and 2 Reiki Certification and 2 years later was initiated into Master's Level. Since then he took part in teaching and initiating over 100 students into Reiki Healing System and helped many clients to achieve their mental and emotional peace, improving their health and overall well-being.


He is certified in Tong Ren, Seraphim Blueprint, the unique, powerful, non-intrusive energy healing modalities. Cell Salts and Bach Flower remedies are among his favorite gentle homeopathic assistants. In 2018 he graduated from the Bonita School of  Massage Therapy, FL and obtained LMT license and level 3 Reflexology certification.


Victoria Matiushina

Chief Happiness Officer

Victoria Matiouchina is an accomplished professional with a unique blend of business insights and technical expertise and over 20 years of experience in business intelligence and technology. Over the course of her career she has launched and provided strategic vision, technical oversight, and hands-on leadership for highly agile business intelligence and customer insights programs.

Victoria is well known among her peers as a passionate and energetic thought leader with demonstrated success applying cutting-edge solutions to drive business strategies, improve business performance, and achieve excellence. She is a no boundaries and no limits thinker who thrives on innovation, asks “why?” and “why not?” to challenge the status quo, and enjoys finding creative solutions to difficult problems.

Andreia Franco

Massage Therapist FL #MA 90459

Andreia has been interested in body movement and awareness for decades, beginning with her BS in Physical Education in Brazil.  She is certified in Rolfing Myofascial Release Therapy (2010) and also in Reiki Energy Therapy.  Andreia’s skills in massage therapy also include lymphatic drainage, craniosacral, deep tissue massage, Swedish, reflexology, relaxation and trigger-point techniques. 


Since moving to the US from Brazil in 1993, Andreia has worked in the fields of massage therapy, physical education and movement science and has a wonderful healing touch.  She additionally holds a National Child Development Associate credential and received a Graduate Certificate in Psycho-pedagogy (the psychology of education).  Andreia is always interested in learning new therapeutic techniques to help her clients. 

For fun, she enjoys bike riding, playing pickleball and strolls on the beach.

Cheryl Bernardi.PNG

Cheryl Bernardi

Massage Therapist FL #MA66409

 FL #MM40256

Massachusetts born, Cheryl's career as a professional ballet dancer in Europe, then as a medical research laboratory assistant in Germany and Switzerland, span the arts and sciences. While living in Switzerland, she suffered a severe Achilles tendon rupture, which led her down the road of experiencing a variety of holistic modalities to help the healing process.  She eventually founded Birthlight Zurich in 2005, a center for prenatal yoga, aquatics and massage.

Cheryl currently live in Bonita Springs, Florida. She offers prenatal massage and yoga, as well as other specialty treatments. Since 2012, she has been the resident massage therapist at the Family Birth Center of Naples. She also teaches Massage Therapy and Workshops for Estheticians at the Bonita Springs School of Massage & Beauty. 
In her free time she loves gardening and singing Kirtan.

Dayana Headshot.jpg

Dayana Infante

Certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner, Reiki Master, Empowerment & Transformational Coach

Dayana was born in Cuba, raised in North Carolina and has called Florida home since 2006. She comes with a background in marketing and real estate, but throughout her entire life she has had a special interest in natural health and explored alternative healing options. She has always believed in nourishing the mind, body and soul using holistic solutions that don't just mask the problem but instead target the root cause.


Dayana is a Certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner, Reiki Master & Teacher and Personal Development, Empowerment & Transformational Coach. She focuses on helping people by releasing self-limiting beliefs through the ThetaHealing® Technique, and specialized energy work, that they can achieve optimum health and well-being. She will help you release fear, resentment, regret, rejection, anger, sadness, guilt, trauma, abuse and more. Dayana is passionate about empowering others with the knowledge and tools needed to generate real change.

For more information please visit:   www.celestialelevation.com

Victoria Stitzer

Master of NLP, EFT & TFT • Mind Imaging Practitioner • Theta & Pranic Healer • Traditional Reiki Master, Vegan & “Living Food” Chef • Inspirational Speaker

Victoria Stitzer has just relocated to Cape Coral, Florida from Las Vegas, NV, where she owned and operated an Anti-Aging MedSpa and Wellness center TRANSFORMATIONS for nearly 20 years.

She specializes in PTSD, Fears/Phobias, Addictions, Memory Improvement & Learning Skills, Pain Relief (both physical and emotional), and helping her clients build Self-Esteem and Confidence. Through very thorough Personal attention to client's needs, she will Identify your Mindmap, then work with the Subconscious Mind, which holds the key to all our behaviors, Using the latest Mind/Brain Technology to assist you in Safe, comfortable, supportive environment.

98% success rate. Fast. Painless. Affordable. Effective. 30+ years of professional experience and expertise.  For more info, full Bio, credentials, list of services/prices, please visit her web site: www.TransformVegas.com


Kelly Myers

Certified Practitioner of

Esoteric Healing

Kelly was born in Michigan and moved to Estero, FL in 1994.  Always an animal lover Kelly found her calling to be of service at a local therapeutic riding center in 2007, where she served for six years. During these years she blossomed becoming a registered therapy pet handler with Pet Partners (her pet being a horse!). She took a year-long study in animal telepathy and in 2012 started her training in Esoteric Healing with the Ageless Wisdom Teaching by the Tibetan Master, known as Master DK. After completing certification in 2015, Kelly founded Bio Expansion in 2017.  She holds a professional membership with the National Association of Esoteric Healing Association (naehonline.org). Kelly went on to take all upper level coursework completing all eight levels. She is enthusiastic about the healing power of the animal/human bond and is a horse lover. In her free time Kelly enjoys singing, yoga, meditation, playing the Native American Indian flute, drumming, and the great outdoors. To learn more about Esoteric Healing go to: www.bioexpansion.com

Christine Campbell

Psychic, Life & Relationship Coach, Meditation Teacher, and Medium

Christine is a 4th generational intuit. She began the practice of meditation at the age of 15 and learned the art of stillness, alpha, beta, theta, delta brain waves, and meditation on the 72 Names of God. Christine studied under the guidance of psychic medium Alan Arcieri, and many other intuits along the way. Through years of training and self-empowering work, she had learned techniques used to create rhythmic breathing, stilling the ego mind, and mantras. She teaches children and advanced adult meditation, psychic/mediumship development, self-healing, chakra clearing, psychic chord-cutting, clearing earth-bound spirits and theta energy healing. Please learn more about Christine and contact her at:


Karin color cropped.jpg

Karin Wolfe

Certified Biofeedback Specialist #5563

Founder of Firefly Within and the Firefly Within Foundation, Karin Wolfe is a Certified Biofeedback Specialist with the Natural Therapies Board and holds a Bachelors Degree in Holistic Health Sciences from the International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine. She is also a Reiki Master and a distributor of Young Living essential oils.

When she's working with her clients she provides quantum biofeedback, Reiki, sound healing, and wellness coaching.  Each client receives special attention and each session is tailored for their specific needs.  She takes care and pride in being compassionate with her clients and works diligently to provide the most up-to-date holistic care possible.

When she's not working with her clients she spends time in the community providing free events through the non-profit, Firefly Within Foundation.  It is her passion to provide alternative ways of healing to the community mainly through guided crystal singing bowl meditations.  She is also working with the school system of Lee county and the After Care Program at the Salvation Army to provide meditations and mindfulness programs to these children.

To relax she likes to travel and also spend time at home with her teenage children and her dog, Ruby.  Gardening is at the top of her list as well as baking using organic and vegan ingredients to create treats for her family and friends.

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